Purtill Group


Purtill Group welcomes accounts for Bulk Fuel, Lubricants, AmpolCard, Vehicle Hire and Car Wash services.


By applying for an account with Purtill Group, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Account availability at our sites across regional New South Wales.
  • Greater management of your vehicles fuel use.
  • Emailing of accounts as well as Direct Debiting for your convenience.
  • 24 hour availability at our unmanned diesel stops.

To apply for an account with Purtill Group, visit apply.purtillgroup.com.au.

Alternatively, email accounts@purtillgroup.com.au or call 1300 PURTIL (1300 787 845).


Purtill Group customers with an AmpolCard (formerly StarCard) can take advantage of the following services:

  • Access more than 1,900 fuel and convenience outlets.
  • Set restrictions around spend limits and the types of purchases allowed on each card (e.g. fuel and lubricants only, groceries, car accessories etc).
  • Receive a monthly detailed statement with itemised vehicle expenses.
  • Payment via direct debit.
  • Manage your cashflow more efficiently with up to 45 days interest-free credit.
  • Mandatory PIN security, add odometer readings to every card for increased card security.

To apply for a replacement card or additional cards, simply print the form, sign the relevant sections and email it to accounts@purtillgroup.com.au

For any further information please contact our friendly office staff on 1300 PURTIL (1300 787 845).