Purtill Group

Ampol Lubricants

Ampol Safe-D-Greaser

A high quality degreaser which emulsifies rapidly for quick removal with water. Recommended for the cleaning and removal of grease and oily residues from tools, machinery, engines, concrete paving and floors as well as when bath or sink type cleaning methods are used. Not to be used for cleaning bitumen roads, paths or driveways.

Ampol Molygrease HD 2

Recommended for heavy-duty mining, industrial, agricultural, and automotive equipment particularly where high loads and shock loads are encountered.

Product benefits:

  • Water, rust and oxidation resistance
  • Good load carrying capacity

Ampol Chain and Bar Oil

For all types of chain-driven machinery.

Recommended for the lubrication of chains, bars and sprockets on all types of chain-driven machinery including chainsaws, motorcycles, farm machinery, timer carriers, etc.

User benefits:

  • Antiwear additives increase life of chain, bar and sprocket
  • Tackifier minimises sling-off from the chain
  • Keeps saw clean by flushing away wood chips, gum and dust
  • Prevents pitch build-up on the chain and bar.