Purtill Group

Engine Oils - Small

Two Stroke Lawnmower Oil

About: Two-Stroke Motor Oil

Pack Sizes: 200 mL

Description: All-mineral two-stroke gasoline engine oil formulated with a low ash additive system. Prediluted with a low volatility, low odour solvent to facilitate mixing with gasoline at all temperatures. Designed for engines requiring JASO FB or ISO EGB performance lubricants. Green in colour.

Four Stroke Lawnmower & Stationary Engine Oil

About: Four Stroke Gardening Implement and Stationary Engine Oil.

Pack Sizes: 4L, 1L

Description: High performance, monograde engine oil intended primarily for the lubrication of gasoline engines requiring API SJ performance lubricants, and suitable for small diesel engines where API CF performance is specified.

Super Outboard 3

About: Two-Stroke Marine Outboard Motor Oil

Pack Sizes: 20L, 4L, 1L

Description: Premium performance, two-stroke, marine outboard motor oil formulated with a special ashless additive system. Pre-diluted with a high flashpoint, low aromatic solvent to facilitate mixing with petrol at all temperatures. Designed for engines requiring NMMA TC-W3® certified lubricants, operating in all service conditions. Dyed blue until end 2010, thereafter dyed green.