Purtill Group

Vacuums & Fragrance

Our Hardinge Street location has several options to help keep your car interior clean and smelling great.

We have 5 various dispensers, where you can choose from polishing/waxing cloths, window cleaner, tyre black, Armor All & air fresheners. They accept $1 coins only.

We have 4 vacuum bays located behind and next to the Hardinge Street service station. They accept $1, $2 and card payments.


  1. Remove papers and large rubbish from car.
  2. Be sure car keys, money and jewellery are removed (vacuum will pick up most small items)
  3. Unwind hose and hold at hose nozzle.
  4. Insert coins/tap card and vacuum will start.
  5. Please place hose on hanger when finished.